Election 1/31 – 2/1, Details Here

This fall, over 2000 UChicago graduate student workers signed union cards, demanding a living wage, expanded benefits, and more. We now have a chance to win a seat at the bargaining table by voting YES in our union election on January 31st and February 1st. Sign the the Vote Yes Pledge today!

If you have questions about the election or the unionization process, check out our FAQ, information for Masters students, or contact us. You can also still sign a union card, or volunteer to help us win!

Our Platform

A Living Wage, Always – Increase the stipend floor for all grad workers, and ensure yearly raises are tied to inflation and other cost-of-living metrics.

Expanded Benefits – Guarantee dental and vision coverage. Eliminate out-of-pocket medical expenses. Ensure health insurance covers children and dependents.

Equitable Policies – Professional standards for work hours. Fairness in labs, classrooms, and community. Third party arbitration for Title IX and other grievances.

International Student Support – Financial support for visa and other fees. Access to confidential legal counsel. Equal work opportunities.

Transparency and Democracy – Transparency in the UChicago budget. Real grad power in UChicago decisions, budget, and investments.

This platform was formulated by surveying hundreds of grad workers across the University and was approved by members at one of our regular General Membership Meetings. Read the full platform document here. The current platform for Masters students (still under construction) is here.

Meet GSU-UE!

GSU has always been run by grad workers, for grad workers. See below why grad workers support forming a union! You can find more testimonials here.

Recent Updates from GSU-UE

Breaking News: Northwestern Votes Union Yes!

Breaking News! Northwestern Votes Union Yes! 1644-114 Northwestern University graduate workers celebrate their election victory UChicago graduate workers will join them by voting yes on January 31st and February 1st! Sign the pledge today! Northwestern University Graduate Workers – United Electrical Workers (NUGW-UE) won their union election today! Their union platform calls for competitive wages…

We are voting YES for equitable policies!

For equitable policies Hundreds of grad workers are voting YES! Our campaign for equitable policies is a campaign for clearly defined work rules in labs and classrooms that allow us to pursue our research and teaching with protections from overwork, harassment, bias, and without unwarranted or bureaucratic interruptions. We know that equitable policies are winnable.…

Pledge to vote YES: 1/3/2023 Newsletter

We are voting YES! Sign the Vote yes Pledge Today! Support for International Graduate Students International students face challenges from the moment they receive an acceptance letter. Separation from family and loved ones and moving to a country with different cultures and laws can cause extra pressure. Moving to the US is also a big…

GSU-UE has big news: We are filing over 2000 union cards with the National Labor Relations Board to initiate our union election

The University has rejected our request to voluntarily recognize our union. While we would prefer that the administration recognize our supermajority now, we’re excited to move forward towards voting to secure a living wage, comprehensive dental and vision care, international student support, professional standards and equitable policies for work in our labs and classrooms, and…

About GSU-UE

GSU has been working since 2007 to improve the lives of graduate students and gain recognition for the work we do at this university. Together, we’ve won dramatic pay increases, better healthcare, fee cancellation, improved parental leave policies, stipends for childcare, and a freeze in Advanced Residency tuition.

Grad employees perform essential work and are the backbone of the University of Chicago. At some point every undergraduate student is taught by a grad instructor, and grad researchers advance scientific frontiers. As grad employees we deserve a seat at the table when decisions are made that affect our lives, those of our students, and the broader community. GSU represents a strong majority of graduate workers who stand together.

GSU is affiliated with the United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America (UE).