Fees, fees, fees! Town Hall and Rally this January 26th & 30th

It’s that time of year again —

Time to pay your quarterly bill from the Bursar’s Office. How much are you paying in fees this quarter? Here are just a few of the fees that may show up on your bill:

  • Student Life Fee ($347 per quarter)
  • Dependent Life Fee ($272 per quarter)
  • Lifetime Transcript Fee ($60)
  • Foreign Language Exam Fee ($70 per exam; $30 additional fee for late registration)
  • Student ID Replacement Fee ($20)
  • Late Registration Fee ($100, $150, or $250 for prior quarters)
  • Late Change of Registration Fee ($50, or $150 for prior quarters)
  • Advanced Residence tuition for Ph.D. students beyond their 5th year of study, except those who’ve managed to secure a fellowship or a teaching position for the quarter ($784 per quarter)
  • Continuous Registration Penalty ($250)
  • Late Payment Fee ($150)
  • For more student fees, visit the Bursar’s list: https://bursar.uchicago.edu/page/fees.

International students pay still more, including an annual SEVIS fee of $200 for the privilege of studying at a U.S. institution. Then there are the costs of conducting independent research without an office or research budget: locker rental ($10 per quarter), overdue fines (up to $5 per item per day), and printing at library printers (starting at 13 cents per page).

What other fees and hidden costs do graduate students face? How do they affect our lives as scholars? And what can we do about them? Join us next week to find out!

Town Hall: Monday, January 26, 5 PM at the University Church, 5655 S. University Ave.

Rally: Friday, January 30, 2 PM at the Quad