Sign a GSU-UE Union Card

Signing this card means:

  • you support the union
  • you want your wages, benefits, and working conditions to be bargained collectively through GSU-UE’s elected bargaining committee
  • you stand with thousands of University of Chicago graduate students who are asking the Administration to recognize our union

If you are ready to sign an official GSU-UE union card, you may do so here.

If you are unsure about how to fill the form out, we’ve got you covered right here with an example.

On our FAQ page (under Part 2: Legal Questions and Formal Union Recognition), you’ll see the following information regarding how to fill in the card:

This is a legal document and should be completed accurately. You must fill out all fields listed. Print clearly your name (as listed on your official identification documents) and date accurately. Your mailing address is required for the National Labor Relations Board to mail you official ballots. Your employer is The University of Chicago. You may list your Job Title as Research Assistant, Teaching Assistant, or Graduate Researcher. Your phone number and email addresses – both your UChicago address and non-UChicago address – must be listed. Once you print your name, you are set – you do not need to worry about the Received by field!