We’ve compiled a few resources here that we hope are helpful to our community. Please feel free to share other resources with us that could be useful for others.

GSU Survival Guide

Our first guide appeared in 2013, after some of our members realized how useful it would be to have a space for graduate students to pool our collective wisdom. This set of pages aims to be that space: a guide by grad students, for grad students, about how the University of Chicago works.

(For an archived version of our 2015 Survival Guide, available in PDF, click here.)

Being a graduate student can be difficult sometimes. We hope this helps.

COVID-19 Resources

We know that things are changing rapidly on campus in response to Covid-19, and that our members are being faced with unprecedented disruptions in our workplaces and lives. We’ll be updating this page with resources and frequently asked questions as information becomes available.

Resources for Organizing

Guide for department organizers

A great getting started guide for anyone interested in being a department organizer (DO). If you’d like to sign up to be a DO then take a look at our Get Involved page for more information on how to join!

Community Resources

Meals for graduate parents and caregivers

The mutual aid committee works to provide meals for new parents and caregivers in the graduate community who are in need of aid. Sign up sheets are released on a monthly basis, and feel free to reach out to with questions or if you’d like to request a meal.


Love fridge is a Chicago based mutual aid initiative that provides community fridges in Chicago. They have one in the Hyde Park area that graduate students can both donate to and take from, depending on their needs.