Card Campaign

Starting November 2016, we are in the middle of a card-campaign for union-recognition – collecting signed authorization cards from prospective members of the bargaining unit, to file for an union election. A favorable majority of those voting in the election will enable GSU to bargain a contract – we will then be looking to elect a bargaining committee, that will bargain a contract and bring it to the membership for a vote.

Those who do academic work for the University are a part of the bargaining unit and thus eligible to sign an authorization card to call for a union election. Titles include: TA’s, RA’s, CA’s, BA’s Preceptor, Ministry Assistant, Lecturer, Instructor and Workshop Coordinators. If you have another title, but think that you should be included in the bargaining unit, contact us.

For more information on what various terms mean, the card campaign, and the process that GSU is using to form a union, check out our vocabulary sheet here.

If you have more questions, you can get in touch with your Departmental Organizer, contact us, or peruse our general FAQs about unionization. Read our FAQ page here.

Click here to sign a card today!