Officer and Steward Elections 2018

We’re seeking members interested in serving on the Elections Committee, which is responsible for overseeing the election of Officer and Stewards. Members of the Election Committee may not run for an Officer position, but are eligible to run and serve as a Steward for their department. If you have any questions, including more information about the responsibilities of Officers and Stewards, reach out to!

In late April, Graduate Students United will hold elections for Officers and Stewards. Per our recently-ratified Constitution, the supreme governing body of our union is its membership — all of us! Nominations for Officer and Steward positions are submitted online using this form; nominations were opened on March 8 and will close on March 28.  Our 2018 Officer and Steward elections are tentatively scheduled for April 23 and April 24.

Subsidiary to membership are two additional bodies: the Stewards Council and the Steering Committee.

The Stewards Council will be the primary body responsible for fostering engagement and representing the concern of members, and will be made up of Stewards from departments and programs in every division:

Steward: Official departmental organizers, responsible for building an engaged membership in their department and receiving grievances as needed. Responsible for overseeing the Steering Committee.There is one steward position for every 25 members in a department (any fraction is rounded up to the nearest whole number).

The Steering Committee will be responsible for the day-to-day governance of our union, subject to the oversight of the Stewards Council and ultimately membership. There are 11 members of the Steering Committee:

Divisional Representative (PSD, BSD, SSD, HUM, SSA, DIV): Represent and advocate for the concerns of their respective divisions on the Steering Committee, work with stewards to organize departments. There will be Divisional Representative elected per division.

Co-President: Serve as official co-leaders of the organization, and represent GSU as needed to the University and affiliate conventions. One co-president shall be responsible for charing the bargaining committee, while the other shall be responsible for charing the grievance committee.

General Secretary: Maintain institutional archive and membership information, distributes info and materials, signs checks.

Financial Secretary: Maintains finances, collect dues, sign checks, prepare budget.

Communications Secretary: Point on GSU’s media outreach and communications strategy. Creates and solicits content for newsletter, maintains website, social media.

See, Article V for more information about the structure of our union and the responsibility of Officers and Stewards. Again, nominations are submitted via this form. You may nominate multiple people, just submit this form multiple times. Self-nominations are also accepted!