Join A Committee

Aside from committees that are struck on an issue-based ad-hoc basis, the following are committees that meet and/or communicate regularly throughout the academic year. If you wish to join a committee, have questions about or for one, write to the coordinator/point-people for that committee and copy If there’s a committee that should be here but isn’t, write to us if you would like to help in setting it up. Please note that committee meetings will be limited during academic breaks – if in doubt, contact the point person(s) for the committee in question.

Newly Formed: Bylaws and Constitution Committee

Revising our bylaws and constitution in accordance with requirements set by national labor law and our affiliates (AFT/IFT/AAUP). Final adoption of revised bylaws and constitution will only occur through approval by the membership via democratic referendum. This committee meets on Tuesdays for the 2018 Winter quarter, from 12-1 PM, in room 104 in the Harper Memorial Library. Contact the point-person to confirm location information for your first meeting.
Point-person: Savi Sedlacek Kunze, History (

Newly Formed: Bargaining Research Working Group

Working towards developing an excellent bargaining survey and utilizing other means to properly assess bargaining priorities of the entire bargaining unit. The working group meets on Fridays for the 2018 Winter quarter, from 12-1 PM, usually in the Regenstein library. Contact the point-person to confirm location information for your first meeting (room confirmed for meeting on January 26th: Regenstein 503).
Point-person: Eyjólfur Guðmundsson, Medical Physics (

Newly Formed: Work Action Committee

Developing strategies and actions for getting the administration to the table as legally mandated. Meets on Wednesdays, 6-7 PM at the GSU Office (1525 E. 55th St, “Deco Arts” Building, Suite 300).
Point-person: Peter Malonis, Computational Neuroscience (

The Organizing Committee

Our main day-to-day decision-making body. It meets every week, at a set time every quarter. Its meetings are open to all members! To find out when and where we’ll meet next, and how to bring something to the agenda, get in touch with us.
Meeting Coordinators: Grant Macdonald, Geophysical Sciences ( and Will Kong, Computer Science (

Departmental Organizer Committee

If you can’t commit to weekly meetings, or prefer to do more hands-on work, you can become a Departmental Organizer (DO). The DO committee coordinates communication and training for DOs and maintains a DO Google group. DOs try to recruit members, field questions, organize information sessions, and/or be in touch with GSU members in their departments. Get in touch if you’d like to learn more about how to be a DO.
Point-person: e-mail GSU (gsu at riseup dot net) for further information.

Charting, Mapping, and Recruitment Committee

Responsible for maintaining the database of members, organizing information on grad jobs, and mapping our workplaces.
Membership Coordinators: Audrey Williams, Cell & Molecular Biology ( and Danya Lagos, Sociology (

Parents’ Committee

Aims to work toward affordable childcare options for graduate student parents and for better integration of family (and other forms of life) within the University community, allied with the Student Parent Group (SPG) on campus.
Parents’ Committee Coordinator: Timothy Gutmann, 6th year, Islamic Studies, (
Student Parent Group Coordinator: Nadia Inji Khan, 5th year, Islamic Studies (

Communications Committee

Tasked with managing our social media platforms, editing and disseminating GSU literature, member emails, and weekly email news. In the Winter quarter of 2018 the Communications Committee meets at the Regenstein Library on Tuesdays at 4 PM. If you would like to join this committee, please contact the point people for a location of the next meeting.
Point people: Eyjólfur Guðmundsson, Medical Physics (, Rafadi Hakim, Anthropology (

Gender Committee

To address issues that come up in our working conditions in the university as well as within the union that deal with gendered relations of power from an intersectional perspective.
Point-person: e-mail GSU (gsu at riseup dot net) for further information.

Health Care Committee

Tasked with researching our student healthcare and developing an informed vision for better care.
Point-person: Yukun Zeng, Anthropology (

Sciences Committee

To expand GSU members in the sciences broadly, to learn more about grad student employee life in the sciences, to build relationships and campaigns there.
Point-person: Benjamin Blanchard, Evolutionary Biology (

Solidarity Committee

To build connections with community groups, student groups, and organized labour on campus and across the city. Meets on Mondays, 2 PM at Sanctuary Cafe (5655 S University Ave).
Point-person: Noah Hansen, English (