GSU in the Media


August | Hyde Park Herald: U. of C. Graduate Student Workers Vote to Affiliate with National Union, Reignite Contract Campaign

February | Block Club Chicago: After Students Withhold Payment, UChicago Will Cover Controversial Fee For Doctoral Programs Starting This Fall

February | Chicago Maroon: What Exactly is the Bursar?

January | Hyde Park Herald: U. of. C. Cancels Student Services Fee for Doctoral Students, Marking Win in Year-long GSU Campaign

January | Chicago Maroon: Ph.D. Students Will No Longer be Required to Pay Student Services Fee Across Six Divisions and Schools


February 2021 | Chicago Maroon: GSU Organizes Boycott of Student Services Fee Citing Economic Burden

February 2021 | The Guardian: US Universities Hit By Protests over Cuts, Tuition, Right to Unionize

April 2021 | Chicago Maroon: Looking Back and Forward: GSU’s Fight for Graduate Student Rights and Recognition

October 2021 | Hyde Park Herald: U. of C. Grad Students Hold Rally for Service Fee Strike, Fourth Anniversary of Unionization Vote

October 2021 | Chicago Maroon: At Rally on Anniversary of Unionization Vote, Graduate Students United Promises to Continue Withholding Student Services Fee


January 2020 | Chicago Maroon: Struggles over Graduate Student Unionization Undermined Faculty Trust in the Administration—Even for Professors Opposed to a Union

April 2020 | Chicago Maroon: GSU Petition Demands Coronavirus Relief Measures from University

June 2020 | Hyde Park Herald: GSU Leaves the AFT Clearing the Way for more Direct Path Forward in Unionization Fight


June 2019 | Chicago Maroon: Hundreds of Protesters Picket Through Rain and Shine: Three Days of Strike

June 2019 | Chicago Tribune: ‘We Wanted a Union Then, and We Deserved a Union Then’

June 2019 | The New Republic: The Labor Movement’s Newest Warriors: Grad Students

September 2019 | Chicago Maroon: The Demand for Recognition: A Look Back at the History of GSU


February 2018 | Chicago Maroon: GSU Withdraws NLRB Case to Protect Pro-Grad Union Precedent

April 2018 | Chicago Maroon: GSU Protests Outside Zimmer-Boyer Free Speech Event

October 2018 | Chicago Maroon: Hundreds of Graduate Students Participate in Pro-Union Walk Out

October 2018 | Chicago Reader: The University of Chicago Grad Student Union Demands Recognition, Even Without Government Certification

November 2018 | Chicago Maroon: GSU Supporters Walk out of Committee on Graduate Education Town Hall


May 2017 | Chicago Maroon: Graduate Students and University Debate Unionization at Hearing

October 2017 | Chicago Maroon: GSU Celebrates Win, Admin Says Legal Fight Continues


August 2016 | Chronicle of Higher Education: Ruling Pushes Door to Grad Student Unions ‘Wide Open’

September 2016 | Chicago Maroon: Graduate Student Organization Plans Push to Unionize

September 2016 | Jacobin: Who’s the Boss?


January 2015 | Chicago Maroon: Graduate Student Rights Group to Petition University

May 2015 | Chicago Maroon: Graduate Students Protest “Ballooning” Student Life Fee


May 2012 | Chicago Maroon: Calling for Legal Recognition

November 2012 | Chicago Maroon: GSU Discusses Unionizing


March 2010 | Chicago Maroon: Graduate Students Rally for Advanced Residency Tuition Cuts

April 2010 | Chicago Maroon: Graduate Students United Demands Union Recognition by U of C


May 2008 | Chicago Maroon: Grad Group Seeks Better Benefits