2020 Officers and Stewards Election

UPDATE – 2020 GSU Officers and Stewards Election Results

The following is a list of elected officers and stewards the Spring 2020 – Spring 2021 term.


  • Co-President (Bargaining): Mike van der Naald
  • General Secretary: Will Kong
  • Divisional Rep (Humanities): Lex Ladge
  • Divisional Rep (SSA): Tadeo Weiner-Davis


  • Anthropology: Abhishek Bhattacharyya, Yukun Zeng
  • Art History: Lex Ladge
  • Astronomy: Nora Shipp
  • CompSci: Will Kong
  • EALC: Yueling Ji
  • English: Michael Stablein
  • German: Davd Kretz
  • History: Laura Cremer, Corbin Page, Alyssa Smith
  • Math: Josh Mundiger
  • Music: James Skretta
  • Philosophy: Stephen Cunniff
  • Political Science: Lilly Judge
  • Psychology: Ben Morris
  • SALC: Zoe High
  • Sociology: Rishi Arora
  • SSA: Emily Ellis, Kit Gindler, Durrell Washington

Candidate List

The following are candidates for GSU’s union stewards and officers for the 2020-2021 academic year. Online ballots have been sent via Helios, an online platform, to every GSU member’s email address. All GSU members can vote between 12:01 AM on 3/17/2020 and 11:59 PM on 3/18/2020.

If you did not receive an email, check your spam folder first, but if that does not work, contact gsu.elections.team@gmail.com for questions.

Happy Voting!

Note: two candidates for for the Humanities Division Representative (David Kretz and Lex Ladge) have provided a short statement. Please scroll down to read their statements.

Co-President for Bargaining Mike van der Naald
Co-President Grievance
General Secretary Will Kong
Communications Secretary
Physical Sciences Division (PSD) Representative Mike van der Naald
Biological Sciences Division (BSD) Representative
Social Sciences Division (SSD) Representative
Humanities Division Representative Lex Ladge, David Kretz, Stephen Cunniff
Divinity School Representative
Social Services Administration (SSA) Representative Tadeo Weiner Davis
Steward: SSA Kit Gindler
Steward: SSA Durrell Washington
Steward: SSA Emily Ellis
Steward: Psychology Ben Morris
Steward: Astronomy/Astrophysics Nora Shipp
Steward: Music James Skretta
Steward: EALC Yueling Ji
Steward: Math Josh Mundinger
Steward: History Alyssa Smith
Steward: Sociology Rishi Arora
Steward: Political Science Lilly Judge
Steward: Philosophy Stephen Cuniff
Steward: German David Kretz
Steward: SALC Zoe Woodbury
Steward: Anthropology Yukun Zeng
Steward: Anthropology Abhishek Bhattacharyya
Steward: English Michael Stablein
Steward: Economics Varun Kapoor
Steward: History Corbin Page
Steward: Computer Science Will Kong
Steward: Art History Lex Ladge

DAVID KRETZ (Humanities Division Representative Candidate)

I’ve co-organized walkouts and work-ins through the Worker Action Committee, coordinated teach-ins in the run-up to the strike, served as rally marshall, a picket captain, and on the Strike Committee, and been a steward in the German department for one year. I’d be happy to serve as your Div Rep if you’d elect me to the position

LEX LADGE (Humanities Division Representative Candidate)

I’m a 1st year PhD student in the Art History department and use she/her pronouns. As the university seeks to shrink the sizes of and resources for departments in the Humanities, it can often seem difficult to know what to do and what resources are available for you, your colleagues, and your students. I am running for the divisional representative position because I want to make sure that your concerns are heard and to ensure that you feel supported as we continue our ongoing bargaining processes. As div rep, I would establish more regular communication among members about issues that concern the union and the Humanities in particular, and organize and develop an ongoing relationship among the stewards, DOs, and members of the division so we can feel less isolated within our community and work towards a better and more secure future.