Get Involved


There are a lot of ways you can get involved in GSU!

First of all, you can sign an online GSU membership card, affirming that you are a member of the union. For background on our 2016-2017 card-campaign for union recognition and our October 2017 union authorization vote, check out our history.

There are many more opportunities to get involved:

  • You can subscribe to our newsletter.
  • You can get involved in one of our campaigns.
  • You can become a departmental organizer and join the Organizing Committee.
  • You can sign up to help out with one of our other Committees. 
  • You can do solidarity work with other groups in Chicago.
  • You can let us know what working conditions are like in your part of the university, or do some research on what it’s like for others.

Above all, you can help create the union that you want to see exist. 

Shoot us an email at with your name and University affiliation to inquire about how you can become more involved, or see our contact page.