Fall quarter general members meeting (GMM)

Our first GMM of the fall quarter will be held next week, Wednesday, October 13, at 5:30pm!
We are looking forward to welcoming new and familiar GSU members for the first GMM of this academic year. While the meeting will be held virtually over Zoom, we encourage Departmental Organizers to host Covid-conscious “viewing parties” with a small number of their coworkers and friends to lend an in-person aspect to the meeting and allow for colleagues and cohorts to get together to discuss department-specific issues. Get in touch with your DO or email graduatestudentsunited@gmail.com if you are interested in attending or hosting a viewing party! 
In this meeting, the agenda will include: 
Reports from active GSU committees and ways to become more involved;
An extensive discussion and vote on a proposal from the Worker Action Committee to continue and escalate the Student Services Fee Refusal Campaign.
Please be sure to review the proposal linked above in advance of the meeting and come prepared to discuss and hold a vote. You can contact graduatestudentsunited@gmail.com with any questions about the proposal or the GMM agenda. 
Here is the Zoom invitation for the GMM on October 13. A reminder to log off UChicago Zoom accounts before joining. We look forward to seeing you there! 

Meeting ID: 876 5761 0895
Passcode: 379252