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GSU Summer Social

Thursday, August 17

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Bylaws Discussion 2.0 (Link to Facebook event)

Wednesday (3/29), 6 PM, Midway Studios 108

Following up after the first Open Meeting to discuss the Bylaws in February, we are holding another Open Meeting during the first week of Spring Quarter. Key discussion topics will include the nature of the bylaws revision as well as core issues like representation and decision-making processes. We hope you will join the discussion – the more participation, the better! Together, we will collectively work towards building a more effective and inclusive union.

We are meeting in room 108 in Midway Studios. The location is wheelchair accessible. If other disability accommodations would make the event more accessible to you, please let us know.

GSU Pub Night

Friday (3/31), 5 PM to 8 PM, Jimmy’s (55th & Woodlawn)


Are They Broke, Or Rolling in Money? A Financial Analysis of the University of Chicago

Thursday (3/2), 6 PM, Kent 107

Link to Facebook event.

Renowned expert on university finance, forensic account, Chair of the AAUP Collective Bargaining Congress and a University of Chicago alumnus, Howard Bunsis (PhD, JD, MBA), will present a detailed financial analysis of our campus, examining the system as a whole as well as focusing on the individual departmental level.

He has performed similar analyses for universities across the country, helping faculty and students pressure administrators to “open up their books” before making decisions to cut programs, impose furloughs, freeze hiring, or halt employee raises.

Howard Bunsis is Professor of Accounting at Eastern Michigan University. 

Bylaws Discussion: February 22nd, at 6pm

Our bylaws are terrific, but since they were collectively voted upon almost a decade back, things of great historic significance have occurred! They range from the rise of email clutter to the NLRB legally recognizing us as workers (again!). We formed a Bylaws Committee last quarter to make recommendations for improving our bylaws. All members will receive an early draft by February 15th, which we can base our discussions from. This will be the first of two membership-wide forums prior to a vote on updating the bylaws.

Union 101

Do you ever wonder, what is unionizing in an academic workplace and who is Donald Trump?? Then you should attend our Union 101 info session! We’ll be discussing what a union can do for healthcare, international students, student parents, and more, and fielding questions about the unionization process.