Election 2017

The results of our October 2017 union-recognition election are in:

1103 voted Yes
479 voted No

We have a union of graduate employees at the University of Chicago.

In very exciting news, the Regional Director of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) ruled on 8th August that a vote on union representation is to take place October 17 and 18, on the UChicago campus, for our bargaining unit. We’re thrilled that after years of organizing, and months of stalling, we will have a formal opportunity to say #YesGSU!

The ruling specified that voting eligibility will be determined using the following formula: “All graduate students, including Masters students, who have received compensation for work performed in a unit position in at least one quarter of Autumn 2016, Winter 2017, Spring 2017, Summer 2017, or Autumn 2017 who have not yet attained their degree or otherwise completed their course of study with the Employer.” All schools and divisions included in our initial petition are eligible to vote: BSD, Divinity, Humanities, PSD, SSA, and SSD.

We initially petitioned for this vote in early May and hoped to vote in the Spring. As you surely recall, the administration stretched what should have been a hearing of a few days into a two-week odyssey, arguing that our work was not work and that we did not create value for the university. By so doing, they delayed the election until October. But the date is now set, and we look forward to our chance to vote.

More details will surely emerge. Adminstration responses will likely come too, though we hope that they will not be as insulting as those during the hearing. Watch this space, reach out to your Departmental Organizer(s), and message us here or at gsu@riseup.net if you have any questions or are looking to get more involved.

Click here to read the NLRB’s Decision and Direction of Election

Update: The University of Chicago administration appealed the Regional NLRB’s decision to order an election. Specifically, the administration requested a review of the election decision  and a motion to stay the election. However, because the Federal NLRB has not issued a decision, the union election will continue as planned on October 17 and 18, 2017.

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