Elected Officers

The following Steering Committee Officers are currently serving a leadership term through the end of Winter Quarter 2022, or when a new Constitution and Bylaws have been approved by membership (whichever comes first):

  • Co-Presidents: Rina Sugawara, Music, and Michael Stablein, English/TAPS
  • General Secretary: Stephen Cunniff, Philosophy
  • Communications Secretary: Laura Colaneri, Romance Languages and Literatures
  • Humanities Divisional Rep: Ella Wilhelm, Germanic Studies
  • Social Sciences Divisional Rep: Andrew Seber
  • Physical Sciences Divisional Rep: Mike van der Naald, Physics
  • Biological Sciences Divisional Rep: Heather Macomber, Neurobiology
  • Divinity School Divisional Rep: Hannah Ozmun, Divinity
The positions of Financial Secretary and Social Services Administration Divisional Rep remain vacant. If you are interested in filling either of these positions, please contact the Steering Committee (graduatestudentsunited@gmail.com).
Joining these officers on Steering will be representatives from each of our committees and working groups (Worker Action Committee, Mutual Aid Committee, Anti-Racism Working Group, UChicago Labor Council Liaison, Organizing Committee, and Care and Accountability Committee), who will be selected internally by those committees.