Elected Officers

The following Steering Committee Officers are currently serving a leadership term through the end of Winter Quarter 2022, or when a new Constitution and Bylaws have been approved by membership (whichever comes first):

  • Co-Presidents: Rina Sugawara, Music, and Michael Stablein, English/TAPS
  • General Secretary: Stephen Cunniff, Philosophy
  • Communications Secretary: Laura Colaneri, Romance Languages and Literatures
  • Financial SecretaryJosh Babcock, Anthropology
  • Humanities Divisional Rep: Ella Wilhelm, Germanic Studies
  • Social Sciences Divisional Rep: Andrew Seber
  • Physical Sciences Divisional Rep: Mike van der Naald, Physics
  • Biological Sciences Divisional Rep: Heather Macomber, Neurobiology
  • Divinity School Divisional Rep: Hannah Ozmun, Divinity
The position of Social Services Administration Divisional Rep remains vacant. If you are interested in filling either of these positions, please contact the Steering Committee (graduatestudentsunited@gmail.com).
Joining these officers on Steering are representatives from each of our committees and working groups (Worker Action Committee, Mutual Aid Committee, Anti-Racism Working Group, UChicago Labor Council Liaison, Organizing Committee, and Care and Accountability Committee), who are selected internally by those committees.