GSU News #6

We’re happy to announce the arrival of GSU News #6, “What Work Is.” It includes:

  • Details about GSU’s campaigns in recent months.
  • New briefs about the NLRB, Wisconsin, and Chicago-area organizing.
  • A discussion of the relationship between childcare and feminist politics.
  • A critical analysis of the relationship between the Graduate Aid Initiative and Robert Zimmer’s anti-union views.
  • A proposal for outsourcing administrative services.

You can get a print copy on campus from your departmental organizer, or download the online version (pdf).

GSU News #5

The latest issue of GSU News is fresh off the press and distributed to various locations on campus. If you haven’t picked one up already you can download one here (pdf). This time our theme is “Beginnings (New and Old),” and features:

  • An article from member and historian of the South Side Paul Durica.
  • A call to unionize from member Andrew Yale.
  • Information on our new Community Partners Program.
  • And the latest news about GSU and the education labor front.

Don’t forget to learn the words to the GSU drinking song (for water or wine) “The Union is Here”!

GSU News #3

Our Fall 2009 edition of GSU News (pdf) is now available on our site! Its theme is “involvement” and it includes:

  • a polemic on “the depoliticization of activism”
  • a timeline of seven years of campus politics
  • excerpts from recent GSU statements on teaching job availability and advanced residence
  • a survey on the political responsibilities of academics
  • labor news from across the country
  • part one of a folk epic, “the marooned dissertation writers”

GSU News #4

The Winter Quarter edition of GSU News (pdf) is here! In this issue you will find the following:
  • A special spread on the topic of affiliation. What does it mean to affiliate with a national union? Should GSU affiliate? With which union? Prepare for the GSU-wide referendum to be held next quarter!
  • News on other university labor movements from around the world.
  • An editorial by Duff Morton on how to (not) be a good organizer.
  • Thoughts on “solidarity” from our members.
  • Part two of a folk epic: “Proposal.”

GSU News #2

The second, spring quarter 2009 edition of GSU News (pdf) contains the following:

  • an administrator’s guide to GSU
  • a commentary from NYU on activism and organizing
  • Josh Trampier’s suggestions for improving healthcare
  • a polemic for academic noise
  • a member survey asking “what’s the difference between work, play and study?”
  • an allegory about a president stuck in his ivory tower

GSU News #1

The first edition of GSU News (pdf) includes the following:

  • a personal story by a GSU member
  • a survey of the campus labor situation
  • news briefs from other campuses
  • a summary of the economic crisis’s impacts on universities nationwide
  • a member survey asking “what is a university?”
  • an anti-academic poem and a fantasy story