Bargaining updates

Bargaining update 5/31/2023: First day at the table


  • Today we gave our language proposals to the UChicago administration!
  • We set the next dates of bargaining for June 26th, July 6th, July 19th and July 31st.
  • We affirmed our commitment for the largest possible bargaining unit. 

We bargained today with the University! The bargaining committee made opening statements emphasizing issues graduate workers face at UChicago, we committed to further dates of bargaining, and we delivered our language proposals which are now available in the tracker where we will keep a track of proposals and counter-proposals. We are excited for the coming weeks of bargaining and are hopeful to see UChicago hold itself to the high standards of graduate education it takes pride in. 

We’re bargaining now! 

The bargaining committee raised member demands for living wages, real recourse for harassment, discrimination and bullying through grievance procedures, work expectations, better healthcare and international student support, and union security.

“These are not outlandish demands,” shared Andy Archer (Crown) in his opening statement. In fact, “they are the basic conditions that all graduate workers deserve.” Fabien Maltais-Bayda (Humanities) stressed that “a lack of support for an international graduate worker’s immigration issues [can cause] stress and anxiety so intense that it triggered the onset of chronic illness.” We’re rent-burdened; we’re choosing between food and healthcare; we’re forced to delay when we raise families. These obstacles stand in the way of the research and teaching we came here to do!

We won’t shrink our union! 

1,696 uncontested yes votes in the election mandated our union’s certification in March. Today, the University claimed that those voters who teach or TA in the College (approximately 800 people) should be excluded from the bargaining unit and denied benefits/protections of the proposed contract. We affirmed our commitment to the largest possible unit. We will not let the University shrink our numbers. We will hold them accountable to include everyone who already voted.

Exciting next steps!

We are excited to receive the university’s counter proposals on June 26th regarding grievance resolution, union security, international student support, and so much more

This is our contract, and involvement is the most important component to winning a strong first contract. Come to the CAT meeting on Tuesday, June 6th on Zoom and at HPUC at 5:30pm to learn more about how to get involved! Sign a card and ask your coworkers to do the same.