WE WON! 1696-155

GSU-UE wins Union Election 1696-155

Dear Members,

THE RESULTS ARE IN – and we think you’ll like them: We won 1696-155! A 92% margin!

This victory belongs to the thousands of workers on this campus who turned out to vote. It was made especially possible by hundreds of organizers who built a campaign led by graduate workers from every division. This victory belongs to our relationships that we sustain and grow by doing walkthroughs, lab visits, and town halls; by having one-on-one conversations, phone calls, socials, and committee meetings; and by sending texts, emails, and newsletters. Moreover, this victory is part of a historic wave of grad union campaign victories at MIT, Northwestern University, Johns Hopkins, USC, Yale, Boston University and so many others. This is our moment! Come celebrate at Woodlawn Tap at 8PM!

Nominations for the bargaining committee end tomorrow. Nominate yourself or your coworkers. If you have questions, there will be Zoom office hours tomorrow from 5pm to 6pm. You can also read the Bargaining FAQ. The election for the bargaining committee will take place electronically from March 20-23. You will receive the ballot by email – you must have signed a union card to vote in the union bargaining committee elections. If you have not, sign a card today. 

Our contract will belong to every single one of us, and will take every single one of us to win big. Participate in the contract action team to make sure your lab, office and cohort is engaged and informed about the bargaining process, and that their demands are bargained over! 


  • Nominations for administrative positions – Communications Secretary, Financial Secretary and General Secretary, are now open. Nominate yourself or your coworkers for the position.
  • Consider signing up for Voluntary Dues to help support the next stage of the campaign! The lowest suggested amount is $5 per month – every bit helps.

In solidarity,

Graduate Students United