Newsletter 2/6: We voted for power in our workplace

We voted for power in our workplace!

Last week, graduate workers came together to cast our votes and make it clear – we want a contract that secures a living wage, comprehensive health benefits, expanded international student support, and workplace protections here at UChicago! The atmospheres in GCIS, Pick, and Keller were joyous and collaborative as we worked together to engage as many of our coworkers as possible

Mail Ballots

Following the two days of in-person voting, the NLRB has sent out mail ballots to eligible graduate students who are outside Chicago for reasons related to research or instructional work, to be delivered to the NLRB by the deadline of March 14th. This means that we will have all the ballots and the NLRB will conduct the final count on March 16th!
If you believe you should have received a mail ballot, or have any other questions about mail ballots, please get in touch with us at The last day to request a replacement mail ballot from the NLRB is February 28th.
While we coordinate mail ballots, we are also getting ready for the next phase of our union campaign after the ballot count. Please join us this Tuesday at 5:30pm for our weekly Organizing Committee meeting at HPUC and via Zoom, where we will discuss next steps for our campaign.


Huge congratulations to our UE union siblings at Teachers and Researchers United (TRU) Johns Hopkins who just won their union election by 97% (2,053 yes to 67 no)!! We believe this to be the highest yes vote total of any grad worker NLRB election!

In solidarity,

Graduate Students United