GSU-UE has big news: We are filing over 2000 union cards with the National Labor Relations Board to initiate our union election

The University has rejected our request to voluntarily recognize our union. While we would prefer that the administration recognize our supermajority now, we’re excited to move forward towards voting to secure a living wage, comprehensive dental and vision care, international student support, professional standards and equitable policies for work in our labs and classrooms, and real decision making power over our working conditions. 

Graduate workers at UChicago account for a significant portion of the research, teaching, and administrative workforce at this institution. As the workers closest to our labs and classrooms, we are the experts on what resources we need in the workplace to successfully conduct world-class research and scholarship at UChicago.

A majority of graduate workers have signed our union cards because we fundamentally deserve a voice in our workplace. Unionizing is the only way to guarantee us legally-enforceable negotiating power to win the tools that we need to be outstanding teachers and researchers with a healthy work environment and fair compensation. We are excited to affirm the power we have built together by voting for our union in the NLRB election next quarter.

While we wait for the NLRB to schedule a precise date for our election, join us in showing the strength of our collective voice by: 

  1. Signing your union card today;
  2. Becoming a department organizer to help prepare for election day.
  3. Talking to your peers and colleagues about why you plan to vote YES in our union election. 

In solidarity,

The GSU-UE Organizing Committee