GSU Weekly Newsletter – 11/10/20

Presidential Election Update

As all of you have probably heard, over the weekend the presidential race was called for Joe Biden, and many of our members let out a collective sigh (and in some cases cheer) of relief. Trump’s term as president has been devastating for numerous communities, and the Trump-appointed NLRB has been hostile to labor, particularly graduate worker unions. With a Biden win, we hope to see a change in labor policy that would advance worker protections and finally ensure our recognition and rights as a union. However, we are well-aware that federal protections and labor friendliness are just one tool of union organizing, and that there are multiple strategies to continue our struggle to improve the conditions of graduate workers on this campus. The fight is never over, even if we hope it may become a little easier: graduate workers are workers, and we will continue organizing in support of workers everywhere. We’re in this together. 

De-Policing Hyde Park Conversation

GSU’s mutual aid committee, along with organizations like the Black Abolitionist Network, Good Kids Mad City, and #CareNotCops, has organized a community conversation on recent campaigns to defund UCPD. For more information, refer to this image below:

Recarding with GSU Reminder

As we mentioned previously, one way to renew your involvement in the independent GSU is to sign our new digital membership card. If you’re receiving this email, you may have already signed a physical membership card to join GSU. However, now that we’re an independent union, we’re asking all members to sign a new (digital, for now) membership card to confirm their membership in GSU. There’s no negative consequence if you don’t sign this card; we’re here to support all graduate workers regardless. This is simply a way for us to get back in touch with our membership. We’ll also be setting up one-on-one organizing conversations, so be on the lookout for an email from your friendly department organizer soon!

Sign the membership card here!

Get Involved

GSU has a number of ways to get involved, from organizing to committee work! All meetings are open to all members. Below you can find meetings and times for our regular committee meetings, but also feel free to get in touch with one of your department’s stewards or your divisional representative if you are interested in work at the departmental or divisional level.

Stewards and Organizing Committee – Mondays at 6pm

Steering Committee – Tuesdays at 6pm

FORCe/Worker Action Committee – Wednesdays at 6pm

Communications Committee – Thursdays at 2pm

Mutual Aid Committee – Fridays at 3pm

You can also follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to keep up to date on union news and events.