GSU Newsletter – 11/2/20

UChicago More Than Diversity Campaign

Professors Adrienne Brown (English) and Eve Ewing (SSA) recently wrote an excellent op-ed for the Chicago Tribune, discussing their recent call for wider institutional and neighborhood support for the Center for the Study of Race, Politics, and Culture, formation of a Critical Race Studies department, and alliance with calls for the disarmament of and divest from UCPD alongside groups including #CareNotCops, the Reparations at UChicago Working Group, and the Library Activist Network at UChicago. They write,

So we demand more than diversity. Many of America’s most storied institutions have made their fortune through racist acts. Remedying that fact is not easy. It requires honest acknowledgment of the past, and well-resourced actions in the present. It requires an ongoing willingness to challenge hierarchies, and to empower the people who the powerful would rather ignore. Without those steps, real change is not forthcoming.

Faculty across the university are participating in a labor and publicity withdrawal until their demands are met. Find out more about their campaign here.

General Election

As you have likely heard, tomorrow (11/3) is the General Election in the United States. Beyond just the important decision in the presidential race, there are a number of important local decisions in Illinois, Cook County, and across the United States. An especially important measure on the Illinois Ballot is the proposed Fair Tax (“Proposed Amendment to the 1970 Illinois Constitution, Illinois Graduated Income Tax Amendment”). You can find information on your polling place, information about the individuals on the ballot as well as measures like the Fair Tax, and more through UChiVotes.

Recarding with GSU Reminder

As we mentioned in last week’s newsletter, one way to renew your involvement in the independent GSU is to sign our new digital membership card. If you’re receiving this email, you may have already signed a physical membership card to join GSU. However, now that we’re an independent union, we’re asking all members to sign a new (digital, for now) membership card to confirm their membership in GSU. There’s no negative consequence if you don’t sign this card; we’re here to support all graduate workers regardless. This is simply a way for us to get back in touch with our membership. We’ll also be setting up one-on-one organizing conversations, so be on the lookout for an email from your friendly department organizer soon!

Sign the membership card here!

Get Involved

GSU has a number of ways to get involved, from organizing to committee work! All meetings are open to all members. Below you can find meetings and times for our regular committee meetings, but also feel free to get in touch with one of your department’s stewards or your divisional representative if you are interested in work at the departmental or divisional level.

  • Stewards and Organizing Committee – Mondays at 6pm
  • Steering Committee – Tuesdays at 6pm
  • FORCe/Worker Action Committee – Wednesdays at 6pm
  • Communications Committee – Thursdays at 2pm
  • Mutual Aid Committee – Fridays at 3pm