Resolution in Solidarity with Harvard’s Striking Dining Hall Workers

Graduate Students United at the University of Chicago stands in solidarity with Harvard’s dining hall workers who have been on strike since October 5, and who have faced abuse and intimidation from the University administration. At Harvard, the richest institution of higher education in the world, with a $35 billion endowment and a $62 billion dollar operating surplus, it is unconscionable that half of the dining hall workers earn less than $35,000 per year.

As university workers who ourselves are underpaid, we recognize the difficulty imposed on workers, particularly those with families, by going for weeks without pay. We also know that this strike is absolutely necessary to win a decent standard of living, and to defend the dignity of workers that university administrators treat with scorn and disrespect.

Passed at the Fall Members’ Meeting, 20th October, 2016; Collected: $111.12