Petition for Healthcare and AR Tuition Remission

We have gathered several hundred signatures; more information coming soon on the administration’s response.

On Health Insurance for All Student Employees


  • That the University of Chicago is part of a minority of universities that do not pay their student employees’ health insurance, as 77% of all universities pay for their graduate students and 21% also pay insurance for student employees’ dependents;
  • That students are therefore forced to pay at a minimum $590 each quarter out of their own pockets, substantially reducing an already small income;
  • That employee health insurance is a right, not a privilege, and that the administration should act like the majority of its peer institutions in recognizing this fact;

The University of Chicago should provide full health insurance coverage for all students employed by the University.

On Fees Remission for All Students in Advanced Residency


  • That, at present, all graduate students need to pay $784 in advanced residency fees each quarter, even when not taking classes;
  • That the only way to have the tuition fee waived is to work for the university, which puts undue pressure on students to take teaching jobs on campus, thus slowing the time to degree, limiting students’ ability to get teaching experience off campus, and creating an extremely tight labor market on campus; and
  • That by waiving these fees, the administration could allow students to structure their teaching load to suit their academic and professional needs, rather than to pay the university bills;

The University of Chicago should provide fees remission for all students in advanced residency.

Furthermore, recognizing that while recent institutional changes may benefit some incoming graduate students, financial difficulties remain for many current students, preventing them from their fullest participation in work, classes, research, and other aspects of campus life,

We the undersigned call on the University of Chicago administration to institute health insurance for all student employees  at the University and to provide fees remission for all students in advanced residency.